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Chinglish, 22 funny examples of bad t...


 China may be one of the worlds largest superpowers, but they haven’t yet conquered the English language. As proven with our 22 examples of Chinglish!   1. He hangs out in Chinese bathrooms and trips you.  2. An NSPCC sponsored sign.  3. Be nice to tap please. 4.  Chinese political incorrectness. 5. A ‘rubbish’ translation […]

First time in Borneo – Jungles ...

First time in Borneo – Jungles and Orangutans!

  The first thing that used to come to my mind, when thinking of Borneo, was orangutans. However, since visiting Borneo, I have realised it is so much more than ‘a place to see orangutans in the wild’. Borneo is split in half between Malaysian Borneo and Indonesian Borneo. Brunei is also sandwiched in. I […]

I’ve got Seoul 🇰🇷


  For my first Long Haul trip I was lucky enough to get Seoul, South Korea! The day got off to a rocky start. A combination of underestimating how much time I needed, late buses, a cancelled train and an unsympathetic taxi driver, I arrived at my briefing expecting to be met by the firing […]

Afghanistan’s Exposed


 Just over one year into our odyssey, while headed overland to Europe, we ventured through Afghanistan. Rocking atop burlap sacks in the open-backed truck, I watched as Peshawar faded into the morning’s mirage. Knowing I’d never return in this lifetime, I felt history being made beneath my feet as upturned dust exposed ancient stories. With […]

Door to hell, Turkmenistan

Door to hell, Turkmenistan

 In the otherwise uninspiring Karakum desert of Turkmenistan lies a truly incredible sight, the door to hell. Also known as the ‘gate to hell’ the crater almost looks as though it is an opening to the underworld. Amazingly the door to hell is actually man made. Russian scientists discovered the desert in the 70’s and […]

My First Night In Monterrey – Brazili...


 Perhaps my favorite country is Mexico. I had a chance to live there as part of a year abroad during undergrad. Monterrey, Mexico ended up being perhaps a defining year in my life with amazing tales of adventure, partying, and friends. I’ll always remember our first night in Monterrey. My Canadian friends and I had met some Brazilians […]

5 of our favourite jungle hotels 🐵

jungle hotels

 The word jungle conjures up images of mysterious forests, dense vegetation and inhospitable surroundings. They are weird and wonderful places, with some weird and wonderful hotels too. Staying in a jungle hotel is a unique experience, with sights and sounds like nowhere else on earth… Costa Verde resort – Costa Rica First up is the […]

Top things to see and do in the Cayma...

Georgetown Grand Cayman

 The Cayman Islands are a British overseas territory in the Caribbean. Made up of 3 islands (Grand Cayman, Little Caymand and Cayman Brac) it is best known for it’s beaches, diving and diverse wildlife. The island offers luxurious beach resorts in stunning locations. It’s laid back attitude, tropical climate and range of activities make it […]

The worlds most beautiful lakes


 We are lucky to live in a world full of incredible sights and amazing scenery. Today, we are looking at the worlds most beautiful lakes. Lakes can be found in every corner of every continent in the world. They can be surrounded by towering mountains or nestled away in a rainforest.  In no particular order, […]

Welcome to Doel – Belgium’...


 Doel is a small village hidden on the outskirts of Antwerp. It has a long history but an uncertain future. Reclaimed from the sea during the 17th century, Doel grew to become a picturesque village protected by sea walls with a population of almost 2000. However in recent years the village has been under threat […]

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